Meetings and Visual thinking

I help plan agendas, tools and processes to make meetings productive.

I assist meeting leader or facilitator to plan and manage the meeting.

I prepare stage-setting visuals. Lets participants quickly grasp key information they'll need for discussion and decisions.

I graphically record discussions and decisions.

Boosts creativity and engagement with color and imagery.

• Keeps the group focused and on the same page.

• Records agreements and commitments for follow-up after the meeting.

Better than meeting minutes!

Set meetings up for success:

Set meetings up for success:

Keep meetings on track:

I record graphically on paper or on line.

Graphic recording is done live, capturing the moment in real-time.

On paper: done live, not re-worked

On paper: done live, re-copied to present to client's client.

On iPad: done live, not re-worked

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